JOSIE: A Story of Faith and Survival is a true story. It takes place as WWII was ending for much of Europe. Josie and her brother think that they are safe when the Nazi troops are forced out of their Yugoslavian village. It doesn't take long to realize that they have survived Hitler, only to become the scapegoats of another war. The only way to survive is to escape--but how?

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I am Susan Lowe, Author, Public Speaker, and  first generation American on my mother's side. I live in Central California and have been blessed with many opportunities for growth on both a personal and professional level.


My first book, JOSIE: A Story of Faith and Survival   is a true story and provided challenges, along with many adventures. The opportunity to share this often unacknowledged time in history has allowed me to meet incredible people. My second book, Josie Dreams of Freedom is under contract. I hope to see you at a future event.

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